A Pedal-Powered Journey to Giving Back: The Success of Cycling for Good – Office Edition


Last Thursday, on the 23rd of November, our office space was charged with anticipation and zeal, marking the onset of the indoor sports season. This wasn’t simply any ordinary day at the office; it was the day we launched the “Cycling for Good – Office Edition” a charity event designed to combine fitness and generosity, all while fostering team spirit and collaboration among colleagues.

Gathering in the Recreation Area, colleagues from across departments transformed into unified teams, driven by a shared mission. Two stationary bikes stood ready for participants who were invited to cycle in 30-minute intervals with an entry contribution of 20 BGN or more. Yet the real victory was found in the solidarity for a cause as all of the charity contributions raised went into supporting the Academy for Deaf Kids’ vital work for improving the educational landscape for deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

Our Collective Impact

The synergy of our collective efforts was reflected in the impressive statistics that emerged from the challenge:

Number of Participants: 25

Total Kilometers Cycled: 295 km

Donation Total: 3613 BGN

Total Contributors: 71

Celebrating the Champions Among Us

While every participant was a champion in their own right, special accolades were reserved for our top performers, who went the extra mile, quite literally:

First Place: Vladimir Stanev from Cloud BU, who pedaled to a remarkable 17.2 km, setting a high bar for enthusiasm and endurance.

Second Place: Radoslav Dishev from Digital Compliance and Service Delivery BU, with a close 16.1 km, showcasing incredible dedication.

Third Place: Filip Nasr from SAP BU, completing the podium with a strong finish of 15.9 km.

Fastest Woman: Lina Chalakova, who not only represented the women in our office but also impressed with 12.7 km.

A Heartfelt Thanks

Our deepest gratitude extends to every individual who participated, donated, and lent their support, you have truly embodied the spirit of giving and community. We reserve special thanks for Svetslav Palazov and Borislav Peev, whose vision and hard work were instrumental in bringing this event to fruition. Your impact extends far beyond the parameters of this event, impacting lives and fostering hope.

This event is more than a milestone; it’s a representation of what KPMG ITS stands for – a commitment to wellness, community, and above all, the unwavering belief in giving back. We continue to carry this spirit forward, pedaling towards a future where every turn of the wheel signifies progress, not just for us, but for those we aim to uplift.

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